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FIFA is considering moving its Zurich headquarters to the United States to expand its global visibility and develop its multi-billion-dollar business.

According to reports, FIFA is considering setting up offices on both sides of the Atlantic and is weighing multiple factors, such as work visas and tax relief. These offices will focus on the development of sponsorship and broadcasting rights, which are also the most profitable in the sports world. For example, in 2018, FIFA reported revenue of $4.6 billion.

FIFA’s headquarters has been in Zurich since 1932, but in June this year, FIFA opened another office in Paris to decentralize power. This move will also become part of FIFA’s future trends. .

By moving to the United States, FIFA can establish commercial operations in a wealthy and densely populated country. In addition, this move will also enable FIFA to participate more in the preparations for the 2026 World Cup, because the 2026 World Cup will Held throughout North America.

Moving to the United States will also provide FIFA tickets to new sponsors and Wall Street investors. In addition, relocating to the United States also contributes to the development of women's football, because before the Tokyo Olympics only won a disappointing bronze medal, women's football has been dominated by the Americans.

According to The Times, Infantino has been seeking to develop FIFA since he took over in 2016, and the reason why FIFA was interested in leaving Zurich was partly to keep away from the scandal in Switzerland.

In 2015, as part of the fight against bribery and other corrupt business practices, the US Department of Justice arrested several FIFA officials in Zurich. Eventually, this investigation also led to the resignation of Blatter, who has long served as the chairman of FIFA.

However, moving FIFA headquarters from Zurich to the United States will also place FIFA officials and their financial accounts under the jurisdiction of the United States, and may cause FIFA to lose part of the tax relief it currently enjoys in Switzerland.

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